Afro Traditional

e.g. Djembe dance, Sabar dance, Sourouba dance.

Dances are often ascribed a deeper meaning. The music and dances are played and danced by griots. The Griots are families of professional musicians who pass on their skills over generations. The griots drummed through the streets with the instruments and played the various typical rhythms that the residents recognized.

African dance is an alternating movement between "letting go" and "tensing up". This correlation promotes e.g. the breathing technique, coordination and the agile power. Body awareness is trained and the individual body parts are trained.


Afro Beats

Afro Beats is a combination of American funk and jazz, paired with West African highlife and can be recognized above all by its characteristic, driving drum rhythms.

In order to understand today's Afrobeats scene and its expansion to Europe, there is no way around Fela Kuti, the genre's forefather. In the early 1970s, the Nigerian proclaimed a new musical age for the entire continent. Oppressed by the local regime, he founded the band Koola Lobitos as a medical student in London and invented Afrobeat (still without S) as a crossover genre in which he combined the high-life guitars and percussion-heavy Yoruba grooves of his home country with African-American jazz, funk and soul.

Afro Beats has a dynamic and tempo similar to that of house music. Instead of just having a 4/4 time signature of western music, Afro Beats usually have a 3-2 or 2-3 time signature called 'Clave'.

Nothing is more contagious as Afro Beats ....