My name is Kevin Nju. I was born on September 6th,1989 in Kenya, but I came already with 3 months to Basel.
Here I went to school and was educated as 'Fachmann Betreuung'.

Already with 16 years I started dancing with Zouk (forerunner of Kizomba), and have therefore already a lot of experience.
Since I remember had I always a passion for dancing.

In 2015, I was hit by Kizomba fever and it has not left me since.
After many lessons I got the offer to teach Kizomba what I did for about 2 years.
However, at the end of 2018 I decided to leave the previous team.

I took the step into self-employment and found after a while the studio at Steinenvorstadt 24, Basel.

Here I am now and looking forward to all who would like to learn how to dance.

Come over and your soul!