Tarraxo / Tarraxinha is Portuguese and means 'screw'.

Tarraxinha refers to a dance style, which is mainly about guided hip movements of the lady.

One dances rather on the spot and shifts the weight from one leg to the other, especially the Interpretation of the music is given much room.

The possibilities of hip movements are manifold, but what they all have in common is that the task is to complete the movement of the hip backwards, not in the direction of the partner. Musically, the beat is often harder than the pure Passada, but you can also combine both styles within a single piece.

Tarraxa is a western progression of the Tarraxinha and denotes both the much tougher music (hip-hop elements), as well as the dance style, which is characterized in addition to the wave-like, rather gentle Tarraxinha movements by Body Isolations, Breaks and Stops.