The dance Kizomba comes from Angola.
The forerunners of the music style were Kompa (Haiti), Son (Cuba), Zouk (Brazil).

In Angola he mixed with traditional Angolan music and the dances Semba, Coladeira and Mazurka from Cape Verde.

'Kizomba' means in the language of the Angolan tribe Kimbundu: festival, gimmick, dance, entertainment.

A beautiful, harmonious dance that is danced closely.
Kizomba is hip, introverted, playful and definitely one of the most sensual dances per se.

If you master this dance, it is like two souls dancing in one body.
You forget the environment and become one with the music.


Kizomba Fusion

The word fusion is used in music to speak about a mixture of styles.

Kizomba Fusion is a further development of the Kizomba dance. Many elements of the kizomba dance are retained, but mixed with new moves.