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Terms and Conditions
(this is the currently valid version -
and replaces all previous versions)



Registration for a course can be done in person or through this website (see 'Courses' and 'Prices') and is binding.
At the same time as registering, participants accept Nju Kiz's terms and conditions.


Signing off

A complete deregistration has to be done by email 3 days before the scheduled lesson.
In case of prevention for a scheduled lesson, a whatsapp message or text message (see contacts) has to be sent to Nju Kiz (Kevin Nju) until 24 hours before the lesson starts.
In the case of short-term cancellations, a max. 1 hour is credited per course.

All courses started will be continued if the Corona-related closure is lifted.
Accordingly, the course fees paid will not be reimbursed.



The costs for the different lesson variants are listed on this website under 'Prices'.
For future bookings, only the prices currently listed on this website are valid.

Payment can be made in cash, by debit card, by Twint or by credit card and must be paid on the first day of the booked lesson.
If participants are unable to pay the fees, they will be excluded from the lessons and participation will be delayed until the lesson fees are fully paid. A partial payment is not possible.

Upon completion of a subscription, all available courses can be taken alternately. However, you are obliged to complete the course hours in successive lessons.

If a course that has already been started and paid for should not be continued, the course costs will not be reimbursed, not even on a pro-rata basis.
In the event of hindrance, of a personal or health nature or if there is no timely cancellation, max. 1 hour, after consultation with Kevin Nju, to be made up.
If lessons are missed or the reasons are given later than 1 day after the course, the corresponding lessons expire and there is no refund.

The time window for catching up is 2 weeks since the last participation.

Nju Kiz (Kevin Nju) assumes no liability in the event of illness, accident or other failures.


A single lesson lasts 55 min.
One course includes 4 lessons.


Trial lesson

It is possible to take a trial lesson.
This costs CHF 25


Course execution

If there are not enough registrations for a course, Nju Kiz (Kevin Nju) reserves the right to postpone it or cancel it altogether.
The minimum number of participants is 4 people.

Normally, a course is led by Kevin Nju, but for organizational reasons can also be done by a substitution.
In the event of Kevin Nju's retirement due to illness, accident, etc., the course can also be held with a substitute.
The change of course management does not entitle to any repayments.

Nju Kiz (Kevin Nju) reserves the right to make changes to start dates and start times.
If it is not possible to take part in a course change on the chosen course, paid fees will be reimbursed on request.


Private lessons

Private lessons for Kizomba / Kizomba Fusion / Tarraxo / Urban Kiz are always conducted by Kevin Nju.

Private lessons can be canceled by email or SMS up to 48 hours before the scheduled lessons.
The costs for the booked private lessons are fully payable in cash, by debit card, by Twint or by credit card before the first hour. A partial payment is not possible.

Should booked and paid private lessons not be continued, there will be no repayment of the fees, even proportionally.
In the event of a health - related impediment, the cost of unused hours, after presentation of a medical certificate prohibiting participation in a 6 - month dance course, may be reimbursed at a rate of 50% (less private lessons already completed, which will be refunded) Tariff for a single private lesson).

Nju Kiz reserves the right, in the event of Kevin Nju's retirement, to postpone the planned private lessons due to illness, accident or other important reasons.


Behaviour rules

Harassment, defamation, willful damage or fraud lead to the exclusion of the booked courses. There is no repayment of the already paid costs (not proportionate).
The same applies to people who attend classes in a very intoxicated state.
These must expect to be excluded from the classroom immediately. The fees for the canceled hour will not be refunded.
In case of recurrence, these persons are definitely excluded from the booked courses.
In this case, there will be no repayment of the already paid costs (also not proportionally).
Nju Kiz reserves the right to extend these exclusions also to events organized by Nju Kiz (Kevin Nju).

Photo and video recordings

In the premises of Nju Kiz are photo or video recordings, which show the dance-like design (dance steps, choreographies, etc.) allowed.
Likewise, with the explicit consent of the persons concerned, recordings of the participants are also permitted.
However, it should be noted that this may only take place if the respective dance instructor gives the OK for it during the lesson.
The transfer to third parties for commercial reasons is not permitted.

Nju Kiz (Kevin Nju) reserves the right to take his photo or video recordings during class; or on events organized by him, on Instagram | Facebook and the Nju Kiz website, without further consultation.

Taxi dancer

To become a taxi dancer at Nju Kiz you need at least 1 year of Kizomba experience. All basic steps have to be mastered.
As a taxi dancer, you benefit from free entry and free drinks at Nju Kiz events, as well as free lessons in selected courses.
In return, at the request of Kevin Nju, you commit yourself to attend Nju Kiz events and other occasions and to act as a taxi dancer.
Of course, a well-groomed appearance and polite dealings with others are required.
You also wear a clean T-shirt with the Nju Kiz logo on these occasions.

Nju Kiz chat

Please note that the rules of good conduct also apply to the Nju Kiz chat.
Disregard, especially sexual harassment, will result in exclusion from the chat.



Nju Kiz (Kevin Nju) reserves the right to make the following changes without notice:

- Price changes
- Changes to the Terms
- Changes to the course management

Of course, costs that have already been agreed before a price change and, if applicable, have already been paid will not be increased.


All bookings are made via simply book -



The course participants are liable even for any damage caused to health. Likewise for theft and loss of items.
For all courses, workshops, parties and other events organized by Nju Kiz (Kevin Nju), any liability for damages of a physical or a physical nature is excluded.
The contents of the web pages of Nju Kiz have been compiled with great care. For the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the contents, however, we can not guarantee.
This website contains links to external websites of third parties on whose contents we have no influence. Therefore, we assume no liability for these external contents. Illegal content was not recognizable at the time of linking.


All legal relationships with Nju Kiz (Kevin Nju) are governed by Swiss law. Place of jurisdiction for any disputes is Basel-Stadt.